The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

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In The Settlers: Rise of an Empire, players build lively, bustling towns in a medieval world. Everything in this richly detailed, realistic world is visible and lovingly animated. Each Settler figure has his or her own daily routine, with a range of different actions and behaviors that can be observed at all times. The ultimate objective of the game is to expand your empire and become a legendary ruler.

Spur your settlers on to ever greater efforts, develop a flourishing economy, satisfy the needs of your citizens, and protect your people from danger!

Create a busy, bustling medieval town

Thanks to immediate visual feedback of production processes and the needs of the settlers, real-time strategy has never been more accessible than in The Settlers: Rise of an Empire.

A realistic and lovingly detailed atmosphere

Discover an incredibly detailed world, rich in animal and plant life, and full of fascinating details just waiting to be explored.

Four climatic zones

Four climatic zones and four seasons have a massive influence on resource management and gameplay.

Natural interaction of the settlers

All settlers lead individual lives and interact with one other in a completely natural way.

Protect your citizens and your empire

Raise armies, build machines and construct walls to protect your empire. Everything depends on the economy: Is your empire wealthy enough to maintain a powerful defensive force?

An exciting multiplayer gaming experience

Play cooperatively with a friend or against other teams: Is your division of labor and supply of goods efficient enough to be able to defeat your opponent?

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire


The Settlers: Rise of an Empire Demo

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